Domaine Robert Chevillon

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Our domain has been "historically" deeply attached to growing vines for 4 generations.
We have the privilege of working a world-renowned terroir.

Our expertise has its roots in tradition, but is also inspired by modern methods, pushing us naturally towards creating fine wines.
The domain covers an area of 13 hectares of vines, mostly red Premier Crus (8). Guyot pruning is used.

The final result is structured, fruity, elegant, fine and complex wines, made to be kept.

Our Creed: to make you discover and appreciate our wines in all circumstances.
'' At the beginning, something magical inspires us every year: the alliance of terroirs, the climate and the result of working with a single variety: Pinot noir.

Our Domain is a perfect harmony of tradition and modernity.
We pay attention to new technologies while retaining traditional expertise.
However, we cannot create our wines without a motivated team that cares about work well done.

Our wines are our life, our heritage, our pride.
Vine growing has changed a lot in the last 10/15 years. Work is more precise. That requires permanent training.
Nowadays, it is important to intervene early, as early as pruning (preferably short). Increasingly frequent interventions and increased monitoring are required for each vine. First of all, the vigour of the vine is controlled with a "green harvest" in July so as to fully control our yields. This results in a better balance with the environment.

This close scrutiny contributes to creating very fine wines: the perfect expression of the terroir and climate in harmony with the vintage.
In order to choose the best moment to harvest, we check the maturity of all our vines twice a week.
That allows us to determine the harvest date precisely. Harvesting takes grapes that are healthy, intact and fully mature.

We harvest by hand. This gives better quality results and respects our raw material, "grapes", better.
Sorting by hand is essential. This operation eliminates grapes that are damaged, diseased or not sufficiently mature. (That can represent 5 to 20%).
Once the grapes have been harvested and vatted, they remain in the vats for 5 to 6 days during the cold maceration process (approximately 10°).
Then fermentation starts naturally
Density and temperature are monitored so as not to exceed 34°. It is best if the cycle, which takes 2 to 3 weeks, finishes naturally.

In parallel, daily treading and pumping-over operations are carried out.

Other actions complete vinification.
Maturing conditions have a lot of influence on the stability of our wines as well as their ageing.
Time, speed of malolactic fermentation, interaction with the lees, bottling management and desired amount of aeration: all these stages are carried out meticulously.
Maturing takes from 15 to 18 months, 30% in new barrels and 70% in one-wine barrels.

All this work allows us to get the best out of the vintage.
Wines are left in vats to blend for 3 to 4 weeks beforehand.

They are then bottled by gravity. Wine is a living substance that requires attention at all moments.

After we have carefully carried out all these operations, the future consumer still has to pay attention to storage conditions (15° maximum) as well as follow other basic precautions in order to enjoy them in the best possible conditions.
    Domaine Robert Chevillon - Denis et Bertrand, viticulteurs - 68, rue Félix Tisserand - 21700 Nuits Saint Georges - Tél : +33 (0)3 80 62 34 88 - Email :
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